About Networking From the Trenches

Having worked as an engineer, actually designing and implementing systems for several years now, I’ve learned that things don’t always go as smoothly as manuals, white papers, and classes would lead you to believe.  Whenever I have found myself working on a problem or design that seems like it should work, I have often turned to the wisdom of my peers available in blogs, discussion boards, and random web pages available through the great Internet god of search, Google.  Having seen how valuable and important the sharing of information is to our community, I decided to start a site on which I could share some of my own first hand experiences and thoughts about real-life networking, with the hopes that my posts may save a fellow engineer some time on a problem of their own.

Who am I?

My name is Hank Preston, and I started in networking about seven years or so ago.  My career has found me working for several partners and resellers, as well as engineering for individual organizations and companies.  I have dabbled in many of the sub categories of IT (development, server/system administration, support services, security, and networking), but have been heavily focused in the networking space recently. About four months ago I had the good fortune of starting a new job working directly for Cisco as an Enterprise Systems Engineer.  This is my first time working directly for a technology vendor, and I couldn’t think of a better one to join.  In my position, I work with some of Cisco’s largest customers on their networking designs and implementations.  This brings new challenges everyday, and allows me to stay on-top of the latest innovations in the networking industry.

Despite my position, I keep myself vendor neutral whenever possible, looking at networking challenges with the needs of the customer and network first and foremost in mind.   I try to reserve judgement on a product or vendor until I have a chance to evaluate and work with them first hand.  That said, I have fairly extensive experience with Cisco (what network engineer doesn’t), HP Procurve, CheckPoint, Aruba, Barracuda, IronPort, and VMware.  Anything I post or write, is of my own opinion, and is not influenced by any of my current or past employers.

For more information about my background and experiences, feel free to jump over to http://resume.snetsky.com for a detailed portrait of my professional history.  You can also follow me on Twitter at @hfpreston.


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