Welcome to the Trenches

After spending the last several years reading the blogs of other professionals in the networking field, I decided it was time to jump in and start contributing to the community myself.  Networking and Information Technology in general are big fields, with many professionals working everyday, but we all have those times when you can feel all alone out there.

I’ve had that feeling many times over the years when confronted with a particularly difficult or unique challenge.  In those times I’ve turned to Uncle Google for advice.  More times than not, he has pointed me to a blog, web site, or posting from someone else who has run into the same walls and found the way around it.  I will be posting my own experiences and thoughts here, with the hope that I’ll be able to open a door for fellow networkers out there as they run into walls of their own.

With that, grab your console cables and let’s see what we can do from the trenches!

About hfpreston
Hank has spent time in most areas of IT services, but is glad to have his feet firmly planted in sane and predictable world of pushing packets these days. Having the rapid fire attention span common to IT, he dabbles in many network technologies, bouncing from Data Center, to wireless, then security, and ending on core route/switch around dinner time. You can find Hank on Twitter (@hfpreston) and Google Plus (http://gplus.to/hfpreston).

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